About the Brand:

Argent Makeup is the first Portuguese makeup brushes brand.

Founded in 2011, by a young Portuguese blogger, Tânia Argent that wanted bring more color to the makeup brushes.

Professional quality, cruelty-free and an original look was the founding bases of Argent Makeup. Great quality and multitasking are the top priority of every new makeup brush. The brushes that we develop need to be as good to be used by makeup artist as practical to be used by super busy modern women who don't leave home without makeup.

"I always loved the hot pink stuff, key rings, cell phone cases, that little thing that bring out our girly side. I already had a lot of makeup brushes before Argent Makeup and I remember searching for a hot pink flat top brush, every brand that I found just sold in black, but I wanted hot pink! At the time, and even nowadays, we cant find many offers of pink brushes and in other more vibrant colors, and what you can find is sell in a kit (the individual brushes are most in black), but I didn't want to buy a complete kit with 8 or 10 brushes, when I just needed 2 or 3 of them, so every Argent Makeup Brush we sell individually and in a kit, the client is the one who must decide what brushes wants to by" - Tânia Argent

In January 2012 the first Argent Makeup nº101 brush was launched in two versions: Girly with a hot pink handle, and Classic with a classic black handle (this one was created for those who prefer classic brushes).

All Argent Makeup products are cruelty-free.

About the founder:

Degree in advertising and marketing, but with never had work in that by option, Tânia Argent began to be interested in makeup and beauty world when she found makeup tutorials on Youtube in 2008. In the middle of 2009, Tânia created her first Youtube channel and a beauty blog. That was the beginning, the opportunities started to appear and she created a multi-brand online store that is closed since 2013 so she could dedicate herself just to Argent Makeup.